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To the point notes for easy understanding of the complex medical concepts and quick preparation of the high-stake examinations for the medical students and qualified doctors.
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Welcome to PakMedicine which provides our Pakistani undergraduate and postgraduate medical students an excellent platform to pass their exams efficiently, survive the beginning of their clinical life and gain required competency for their career progression without hassle of reading extensive books and notes. With new advances in technology and ongoing researches in the vast field of medicine things are changing very quickly, which has not only made learning medicine more difficult but also complex. In this medical world of extreme pace, acquiring the new updates in the medical knowledge is becoming more and more important. Medicine is not limited only to one single broader specialty under the umbrella of M.B.B.S. as it used to be in the past, it has rather split into multiple specialties, sub-specialties, and super-specialties. All these frequently happening changes are making learning more difficult as well as complicated due to lack of time one would need to sit and read extensive books loaded with hefty knowledge which may or may not be of clinical worth in the real life.

Now a days, due to the complex nature of medicine and on going ever advancements, doctors need to be highly motivated, devoted, and dedicated to their profession. This is true not only because they have pass their exams but also thinking of their future patients all these qualities are the basic requirements. On the top of learning extensively advance clinical skills, acquiring precise but accurate clinical knowledge has become the key of success in a doctors life. Days are gone when patients used to go to any doctor without learning about their reputations and clinical expertise. Everyday we are seeing an increasing trend among the patient cohort looking for more details and seeking treatments from the specialists, which directly means that only a good clinician will have good reputation and excellent outcome. This has not only affected the doctors professional status but also has increased the race of gaining excellence in their specialty. The only way to gain excellence in the clinical life is by spending more time seeing patients and joining the senior doctors in wards, clinics, and operating theatres. All this leaves no time for the medical trainees to read their books (which are full of fine details most of which are not of significant importance), and and making their notes for the preparation of exams. By doing this medical students end up spending a lot of time searching for the precise knowledge they require to pass their exams, which leaves no time to learn by actually seeing the patients. So, it seems extremely difficult to achieve a balance and spend right amount of time on right tasks.

PakMedicine is delighted to bring you the solution to all your problems and give you a clever way of learning by creating a huge pool of the clinical knowledge a medical trainee needs to acquire. We offer you the pool of Short Essay Questions and Multiple Choice Questions from all the subjects included in the curriculum of M.B.B.S. All our questions are answered by experts and reviewed by our Quality Assessment team. All the subjects are covered according to their curriculum for each professional exams, giving you the opportunity to learn while you are travelling, walking with friends, sitting in the waiting lounge for your bus / train / plane. Now you can learn easily without wasting your very important time, does not matter where you are in the world. Stop carrying a big pile of notes and books with you, as you can learn digitally anywhere, and spend your time with your patients who need your time more than anything else.

Now you do not need to buy multiple books, different resources, and worry about how to prepare for your high stakes exam; simply join your relevant course, study on the go and relax. You work with your patients, we will create medical notes for you, so that you can have some rest and pass your exams without any difficulty. Learn with PakMedicine, learn with innovation.


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